GS 1709A



Of the consecration of bishops, Of the consecration of women as bishops, Of ministers exercising their ministry, Of admission and institution, Of the Declaration of Assent.

1. Paragraph 5 of Canon C 2 (Of the consecration of bishops) shall be omitted.

2. After Canon C 2 there shall be inserted the following Canon —

“Canon C 2A Of the consecration of women as bishops

1. A woman may be consecrated to the office of bishop if she otherwise satisfies the requirements of Canon C 2 as to the persons who may be consecrated as bishops.

2. In the forms of service contained in The Book of Common Prayer or in the Ordinal words importing the masculine gender in relation to bishops shall be construed as including the feminine.”.

3. In Canon C 8.2(a) (Of ministers exercising their ministry) all the words after the word “officiates” shall be omitted.

4. In Canon C 10 (Of admission and institution) paragraph 2A shall be omitted.

5. Canon C 15 (Of the Declaration of Assent) shall be amended as follows.

6. In paragraph 2 the words “or provost”, in each place where they occur, shall be omitted.

7. In paragraph 3 —

(a) for the words from “who” to “investiture” there shall be substituted the words “shall on the occasion of the commencement of his public ministry in the diocese”; and
(b) for the word “archbishop” in the second sentence there shall be substituted the words “bishop of the diocese”.

8. Paragraphs 3 and 4 shall not have effect in a parish so long as any Resolution under section 3(1) of the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure 1993 remains in force in respect of that parish by virtue of Schedule 1 to the Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure 20….

9. This Canon shall come into force as follows —

(a) paragraphs 5, 6, 7 and 8 and this paragraph shall come into force forthwith;
(b) all other paragraphs shall come into force on the day on which section 1 of that Measure comes into force.